Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Is your sexuality decreasing? You can get back your sexual stimulation by eating these 6 foods.

It is also known to all of us, but at the same time, it is also responsible for reducing the sexual desire. As mental or physical pressure increases, libido or sexual desire decreases. If you have not been sexually long or you do not want to have sex, then sexual needs decrease. If you exercise regularly, eating healthy foods and having less stress, your sex life will also be nice. But excess stress, anxiety, physical exhaustion and irritable mood increase your liability by reducing sexual needs. To increase your sensitivity, there are some foods that regularly increase your sexual needs while playing.

Which foods can increase your sexual desire?

1. Watermelon
Watermelon helps in raising the level of water in the body and not only reduces weight but also helps in increasing the sexual desire. This fruit contains citroline amino acids that increase the sexual needs.

2. Coffee
If consumed in limited quantities, a great beneficial food for growing coffee sex drive. Studies have shown that in men's case, two to three cups of coffee can help increase sexual demand.

3. Amand and pistachio nut
Amandus is a Vitamin E. Studies show that Vitamin E rich foods work better for hormones, which also help in increasing sexual demand. Nuts get plenty of vitamins. If you want to increase your sex, start eating Amanda Pesta Nuts.

4. Potassium-rich foods
If there is a deficiency of potassium in the body, electrolyte imbalance can occur and high blood pressure may also occur. Potassium-rich foods increase sexual power. Banana, avocados, dried apricots and coconut water are all potassium-rich foods which increase sexuality.

5. Jaffron
Jaffaran works to increase the desire of sex. It does not have side effects that are natural ingredients. If you give food to saffron, sexual desire also increases. It helps to increase blood production of estrogen, serotonin and other phill-good hormones.

6. Dark Chocolate
Dark chocolate is a great benefit to increase sex. The el-Arzinean amino acid in it helps in increasing sex.

Sunday, March 3, 2019

Are you an important topic of masturbation for girls?

The lack of sex, unrest, and self respect are the main cause of sexual health problems among women. Lifestyle instructor Luke Kittenhoe said in one of his latest Facebook posts, "A woman with a lack of these three things can suffer from security degradation, does not feel good about herself, who results in rapid weight gain and sometimes weight loss seriously." In his post, Luke emphasized the importance of women's masturbation, and many of its health benefits. In his post, Link wrote that women are being treated with shame because of sex, sexual intercourse, sexual experience and their sexual issues. Thousands of women do not even express these problems due to shame and can not even do the treatment.

Why is masturbation important for women?
Masturbation is a great way to reduce the pressure of sex and feel good about you.

Sexual intercourse is a respectful, beautiful and fulfilling experience, although those who can not achieve it have the right to enjoy - which can be achieved by masturbation.

Masturbation helps to achieve many levels of stress in women, which has its effect on the body. Orgasm causes dopamine, endocrine and oxytocin hormone in the body. These hormones help keep the mood very good.

For those who have depression due to lack of sex and pleasure in life, masturbation can help prevent it.

The women are relieved of sleep problems related to masturbation. Oxytocin helps to calm the mind and body, and this results in a deep sleep in the night.

The women who face various problems during the menstrual cycle may be useful for them. Orgasm’s orgasm increases the uterus, which helps improve the blood flow of the period, and reduces the pain of menstrual periods.

Masturbation helps to promote a person's self-esteem, because people can imagine that they can feel much better about themselves It helps people to explore sex and relax the body.

Another advantage of masturbation is the reduction of the muscles that occur during high tension, so that the pelvic space and muscles are strengthened that keeps health strong. Masturbation is very good for health, especially for women. Helps improve physical and mental health for sexual health.

Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Additional stress during pregnancy can lead to many critical problems in childhood

Due to stress in childhood, there is a danger of increasing anxiety, depression or drug addiction from two to four times. This stress of pregnancy increases the risk of the child's autism spectrum disorder and other mental illnesses. Excessive stress during childhood development or childhood can lead to long-term brain problems, professionalization of brain disorders and adolescent response to adolescence affects and a lack of nutrition that a mother may give to the child may be seen. The results of this recent study were published in the annual meeting of the Neuroscience Society.

Scientists have invented many methods or therapies through which childhood or fetal stress disrupts the development of the brain and leads them to these diseases, helping them to release new therapeutic techniques more easily.

The results of the research have been seen:
- In a samples of mice infected with autism spectrum disorder caused by pregnancy, it has been found that if the immune cells are renewed, the signs of the disease begin to decrease.

- During pregnancy or before such pressure can change the intestinal bacteria between the woman and the rat. Responsibility by reducing severe nutrition to reach the fetus's brain.

- The formation of chromatic in the brain is also stressed and adult life is more risky.

- Fear in the rabbit at low age can make the reaction faster accelerate the development. However stress can stop the production of hormones and the effects can be prevented.

- The research published by Heather Brenhaus, a moderator of the journalist conference of North-Eastern University, shows that intestinal bacteria are attached to the DNA in the nucleus due to the long-lasting and intense effects of stress during the initial development.

So this time everyone should be physically healthy. So that there is no type of creation.

This method is used to prevent unwanted pregnancy

There is no possibility of harm if you use natural birth control. However, if the system does not work 100 percent all the time, about 75 percent of the work is done. Many girls use contraceptive pills to prevent pregnancy. But many problems arise due to its long usage. But there is no possibility of loss of use of natural birth control. However, if this method does not work 100 percent, at least 75 percent of the work is done.

Fertility Test
In this method, it is known that you are ready for pregnancy at exactly what day. This test is possible by collecting urine samples from the sixth day on the beginning of the period of the period. This test is to be done with morning urine. If you are aware of this, you can use good or birth control because you are away from sexual intercourse.

The use of papaya is very common in preventing pregnancy or abortion. It can destroy the healthy sperm of any man's body very quickly.

Calendar method
Keep track of the periodic rounds. Usually there are 26 to 32 days period cycle. Women are the most fertile during the 8th to 19th day. Avoid contact with your partner by identifying those days. However, if the period is irregular, then this method may not work properly.

Pool out method
If the male partner spray his penis from the genitalia of the sperm before the emission of sperm, then the sperm can not be exposed to the ovaries. But it basically depends on the control of the male partner.

In spite of the abundance of sperm in niom leaves, the sperm is destroyed within half an hour. It also works for five hours. It reduces the irritation of genitalia and reduces it. Before establishing sexual intercourse, it can tear down Vazigner.

Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Protein may not have cap to cover bald head

The problem is more on the hair when different chemical colors are applied. If you eat some nutritious foods, you can work as a drug in this case. You are male or female, almost all of the problem of hair fall. Allergic rhinitis in all parts of the head starting to fall in the head. All of these have different reasons. Never worry, sometimes air pollution. In the case of girls, there is a tendency to become thinner after hair after giving birth. There is a lot of difference in the type of baldness between boys and girls, but the problem is more often due to the application of different colors to the hair. If you eat some nutritious foods it can work like a medicine. If you take them regularly, you can reduce the problem of hair fall a lot.

Hair fall
The kind of food you eat to improve your hair health:
1. Eggs
There are plenty of proteins in the egg and vitamin B-12, iron, zinc and omega-sodium fatty acids are available in plenty.

2. Cucumber
Cucumber hair and head scalp in the vegetables are very good for health. Vitamin A is available in plenty.

3. Chicken
Chicken contains high quality proteins that strengthen hair health from scratch. So eat foods like chicken, eggs, fish, and eat every day.

4. Guava
Vitamin C in pear As a result, it also strengthens hair growth by enhancing collagen functioning.

5. Barley
Barley are rich in vitamin E, some iron and copper. These elements make the hair follicles stronger by increasing red blood cells in the body.

6. Oats
Oats contain fiber, zinc, iron, omega-six fatty acids, which improve the health of skin and hair.

7. Walnut
Walmart contains omega three fatty acids, zinc, iron, vitamin B and a lot of protein. As a result, taking hair regularly brings changes in hair health.